Raghav Contracting provides a complete range of EPCM, Electromechanical Works (MEP), Facility and Assets Management, and Fit out Works which also including Joinery through our highly experienced engineering & project management team fully complying to time, cost safety and quality requirements of projects.


Installation of complete air conditioning systems including Chiller, AHUs, FCUs ,Fans and Pumps.

Ventilation Systems Fresh air; extract air(Toilets, kitchen; stairwell, smoke etc)}

CHW generation and distribution via Pipes, fittings and valves.

Duct-work (low, medium and high velocity) with Dampers and air terminal devices.

Balancing, testing and commissioning of HVAC works.

Compressed Air Systems

Fire Protection Systems (Dry Risers, Wet Risers, Sprinkler etc.)

Electrical Services

Power distribution systems includes Transformers, switchgears and DBs

Cable Laying and Glanding Termination

Cable Management System ( Tray & Conduits)

Bus bar Installation works

UPS / Central Battery Systems

Street Lighting and decorative lighting

Earthing & Lightning Protection Systems

Installation of the Lighting Control System.

Installation of BMS Panels, Field Devices, Racks, Workstations.

Installation of Fire Alarm Panels, Fire Alarm cabling and Fire Alarm Device etc.

Installation of Central Battery System with Panel, Cabling and Termination.

Installation of CCTV system with Camera, Rack Installation, Cabling and Termination.

Installation of Access Control Panel, Cabling and Termination.

Installation of the Data Racks & Structure cabling works.

ELV System Testing and Commissioning works.

Plumbing Services

All types of plumbing, drainage, sewerage and sanitary fixing

PVC, UPVE, HDPE, PPR, COPPER and high pressure line pipe works

Storm Water Drainage.

Sanitary Ware and Fittings.

Water Tanks and Pumps.

Water Heaters, Solar Heating Systems.

Chemical Dosing Plants

Central Gas System services

Central Gas System services including the initial Conceptualization Design, Detailed Design & Engineering Analysis, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Central LP-Gas / Natural Gas / Simulated Natural Gas Distribution Networks & Gas Leak Detection Systems, we will provide the end user Service & products like Bulk LP-Gas, Operation & Maintenance service & Equipment trading related to Central Gas System, Fire Protection System and other related services. Also we are able to Design & Supply of Large Volume Pressure Reducing Station (PRS) & Pressure Reducing & Metering Station (PRMS) for Natural Gas as well as LP-Gas and other Industrial Gases as per Customised requirements and distribution of the best technologies for a safe use of LPG, NG & SNG systems.

Areas of Expertise

Central LPG Systems

Natural Gas Piping Works

Pipeline Feasibility studies

Pipeline Design and Simulations

Equipment Selection and Performance Specification

Procurement and Materials Management

Energy Management

Overall Project Management Services

Gas Leak Detection System

Computer Based Testing Programs

Gas Controller Operations

Pipeline Integrity Programs and Management

Pipeline Operations and Maintenance Services

Pipeline Policies and Procedures

LPG Tank & Bullets Management Services

Interior and Fit outs

Raghav Contracting undertakes all types of Fit-Out of Hotels, Leisure, Commercial and Mixed use developments, including all finishes, but not limited to the following:

Wall Finishes

Floor Finishes

Marble and Granite







Facilities Management

Raghav Contracting offers optimum performance for your assets and buildings. We undertake all types of Facilities Management Works in Residential, Commercial and Mixed-use developments